No January blues for us

January turned out to be a month of good news stories for our Admissions system. Here are a few highlights about what went on with the undergraduate UCAS admissions activity from our Student Information Desk (SID) – including the Applicant Portal.


We had 100% availability of the system every day of the month.  So that meant any applicants checking on their progress could access the information first time, at any time of day.

It was interesting to note that 52% of the traffic to the applicant portal came from a mobile device, 62% of which was via an Apple iPhone. This was likely to be a result of emails sent to the applicants prompting them to log into the portal.

On 5th January we had a record-breaking number of UCAS applications, the most we’ve ever received in one day and over the following few days our system had to deal with huge volumes before the deadline on 15th January – which it did effortlessly.

January 2017 also saw two emergency releases go live, both of which went without issue. These fixes and enhancements supported our colleagues in the Admissions Department with the newly adopted SIS functionality.

By the end of the month the portal had been accessed from 719 cities in 91 countries.


Accessed 15,718 times in the month with over 12,000 unique logins, the portal was in constant use 24/7. The busiest day was 16th January and we even had 81 applicants accessing it on New Year’s Day.

If you’d like more of this sort of information, you can find it on these pages where the monthly reports are posted.

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