Read Only View of Applicant Records helps Admissions Tutors

Open Days

A few weeks ago with open days looming, admissions tutors told us they couldn’t see as much information on the new system as they could on the old, and asked us if there was a way of creating something for them.

We listened to what they had to say and came up with a Read Only view of applicant records to help them with their preparations for open days and applicant days. It’s a database of applications which allows the tutor to search – for example by subject group or course – and to read the applicants’ personal statements before they meet them at the events.  We made it live in early February.


Feedback so far has been positive, with tutors telling us they like the fact it’s web-based, and they feel it’s a step forward.

This was only ever meant to be a quick solution to accompany Admissions going live but we’ve had requests for access from a range of staff in Student Finance and Admissions too and are currently assessing if it can be used by the China Office until they get their agent portal.

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