Our new Student Records system – more efficient for students and staff

We’re still progressing with our project to create a new Student Records system. This is the information we collect and use to create a profile for each of our students from the day they commit to their place with us, through to the day we hand them over to our graduation team. It covers registration information, enrolment, course/module choices, withdrawals, study breaks, suspensions, course changes, data for timetabling, placement information and financial support. Not all of it is new, but we are improving the current system to make it much more efficient.

The old system was okay but it didn’t do everything we needed it to and the improvements we’re making will benefit both our staff and our students. It will be easier for staff to access information about students and easier to view and manage complete records.

Let’s start with the day the student commits to coming here. The University of Hull is going to be their new home for the next few years and we want to make sure they feel part of our community as early as possible. What is currently called the ‘Roll In’ stage, where they come on board as a student rather than an applicant, will now be called ‘Applicant Transfer (ATR)’.

The next step is to get them to register online. This allows us to now gather more information than we could before and one of the benefits is that fewer students have to physically go and queue up to sort out student finance or visa requirements when they arrive. Some still do, but we will be able to do a lot more online before they get here, as we’ll have a fuller picture of the students. Earlier engagement with the student will really help them feel part of the University community before they arrive and familiarise themselves with what their student lives might feel like. As we’ll now be able to do this sooner than we’ve been able to before we’ll be able to help more students before they get here and more data means we can plan earlier too.

Continuing students will benefit from the new student record system too – they’ll be able to re-register online and sort out any issues (for example tell us about a new address or a problem with their funding) at an earlier stage.

Another benefit will be our ability to create automated communications to students via email or text messages, such as prompting students to complete the online registration process, or sending a text message the night before face to face registration, reminding them when and where to go and what to bring.

We’re currently working closely with our colleagues in Admissions, Student Finance, Registry and Faculty Hubs to ensure what we create will meet their needs and help them provide the support to students using the system.

Our current focus is the registration side, we know what we want the new process to be and have almost finalised specifications to allow us to start building it. It’s an exciting phase of the work and we’ll keep you updated with our progress.



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