The Student Information Desk (SID)

We thought we’d give you an update about where we are with SID. Some of you may know that we went live with a small element of it in May last year, and might even have tried your hand using it. However it wasn’t rolled out across all users and all enquiry management – and for it to be effective we needed that to happen.


For Phase 2, we’re using a new, much better and more intuitive version of the application and ensuring it’s configured to meet departmental implementation requirements.

Those who’ll be affected include

  • Student Services (Ask HU, Careers, Accommodation, Wellbeing and Registry)
  • Student Financial Services
  • Faculties and academic departments
  • Library
  • ICTD / Sports Centre
  • Anyone else who is involved in receiving and resolving a student enquiry

If the concept of a Student Information Desk is new to you – here’s a quick recap: It’s an online ‘enquiry management’ system that basically lets us manage enquiries from applicants and existing students via email and web form submissions along with the traditional problems or enquiries raised face-to-face at a help desk. The system records and track queries and any related correspondence, providing the student with a reference number so that they can track progress via the SID student portal.  So students will be able to raise questions, report a problem or ask for help and staff will be able to provide an answer or pass on to colleagues in other teams or departments who will then respond and provide the answer via a single end-to-end solution across any student support service across the University.

The identity of the student is recorded and becomes part of the on-going record of information stored about that student.

So What Happens Next?

Over the next few months we’re aiming to upgrade to the latest version with a student-facing view, kick-starting the enquiry management again with Ask HU, Careers, and Accommodation. Then the Student Financial Services and Registry implementation of enquiry management – and for all of these we’ll be able to use what we call ‘email harvesting’ to help us track the enquiries and enquirers. One of the new benefits arising from this is that because email harvesting is a way of linking SID with existing email accounts which are used to receive student enquiries, these enquiries are automatically entered into SID and the user won’t have to consistently check multiple email accounts.

As the next Admissions cycle begins we’re aiming to be able to process most of the application enquiries in October, moving through to an estimated end to this workflow by Spring 2018 with the Library and ICTD coming online at a later date.

We’ll be contacting relevant teams with dates and further information as soon as we can and will also provide progress updates via this blog.


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