SID update: Latest version of our student enquiry software goes live

Great news! We hit another project milestone this week with the roll out of the latest version of SID on 26th June.   Five days in and you can see from this screenshot that 410 student enquiries have been resolved so far.


A couple of months ago we gave you an update on the Student Information Desk (SID) and promised to come back with more information about upgrading to the latest version.  We recently sat down with Project Manager, Dan Saville, to find out the latest news, just before the latest phase went live on 26th June.

staff enquiry logging for student view

“We’ve just finished five days of User Acceptance Testing (UAT)”, he told us “and we’re on target to go live with this latest version on June 26th .  This new version is more intuitive, and easier for everyone to use as you’ll be able to see everything on one screen.   Once it goes live, all applicants and current students will be able to use it.”


staff enquiries view

“Staff who’ll be using it have helped the SIS team with their testing and end users are being trained this week.”  We spoke to some of our colleagues in Student Services who were involved with this to find out how they found their experience of testing

‘we have found the UAT to be a good way to consolidate our learning, as the system is so new it has allowed us to become more familiar with its layout and functions. We have incorporated the user stories from the UAT as part of our own training on the system’

staff team summary grid

The system will be rolled out to any team or department that supports student enquiries. Initially it’ll be used by

  • AskHU
  • Accommodation
  • Careers

And the functionality we’re going live with at this stage is

  • enquiry management
  • email harvesting
  • the student-facing view (covering applicant and existing student enquiries)

FAQ view

We’re anticipating that the most use will be during registration where it’ll be supporting registering students with their enquiries.

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