Clearing: we train over 200 staff on the new SITS sytem

Clearing is important to the university and we’re proud that we’ve always had really good feedback about how we treat enquirers and applicants in Clearing. Of course it’s a competitive day across the country for most universities, as we all seek to attract further students. Last year at Hull we were extremely successful, recruiting 730 students during the clearing period.

“Can you spell that for me, please” Call centre dress rehearsal for Clearing

Agents in action: call centre dress rehearsal for Clearing

We’re using the first floor of our library as our Clearing Call Centre

So one of the biggest milestones on our SIS Programme timeline this year has been to get the new SITS system ready for Clearing, and to get the staff who’ll be working on Clearing from 17th August (A Level results day) trained on using it to deal with calls.

Call centre dress rehearsal for Clearing

With over 100 staff working in our call centre on the day, and a range of academic tutors ready to talk to applicants when they’re put through, our training manager, Emma has been extremely busy over the last few weeks.

Alongside colleagues Sheila Dowling and Kathy Olivant from the Admissions team she’s co-delivered an overview of what the new SITS system looks like for Clearing, shown how to log enquiries and run through a range of scenarios using Caller/Call Centre role play. She’s also provided training materials and created the opportunity for all involved to access the new system in our ‘training environment’ to familiarise themselves with it before the big day.

So far we’ve trained 161 staff for Clearing (75 Academic Staff and 86 Call Centre Staff) and have more sessions lined up for 57 (38 Academic Staff and 19 Call Centre).

If you, or someone you know, wants to apply to the University of Hull via Clearing, here’s the website, or you can call on 01482 466 100 and our team will be happy to help anyone enquiring either before or after A Level results day.



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