SID Student Case Management goes live

Back in June, we told you about our SID Student Enquiry software going live. Now we’re back to tell you about a new component – Case Management  – which we’ve made live in time for our new students arriving, and which will add value to their help desk experience.

But first, a quick recap in case the concept of a Student Information Desk is new to you:

Enquiry Management – what we’ve done so far

The SID system provides a 24/7×365 online support environment that facilitates the effective management of pre-applicant, applicant and student enquiries.

Students requiring support from the University can access the system via the MyHull portal using their student login credentials. Once in the system, SID provides the option for students to browse an FAQ knowledge base to self-serve and find a solution to their problem. If the student can’t find an answer in the FAQs they have the option to ‘Log an Enquiry’ requesting assistance with their issue. The SID system will then allocate the enquiry to the relevant university team or department based on the category selected by the student.

The departments currently using the enquiry management system are:

  • Central Hub
  • Accommodation Office
  • Careers Office
  • SWLWS (Student Wellbeing, Learning and Welfare Services)

Coming soon: We’re aiming to have the SID system transitioned into these additional departments in the coming months:

  • Registry Services
  • Student Hubs

At the moment only current staff and students are able to login to the system but it does provide support for applicants and general enquirers via email harvesting. The e-mail harvesting function allows pre-applicants / applicants to email into a service such as  SID then harvests the enquirer’s email from the inbox into the SID system and logs an enquiry for them. It lets the enquirer know their email has been logged as an enquiry in SID and that to update their enquiry, they just have to reply to the email from SID.  The response is then harvested into the system and updated on the original enquiry.

Staff can answer all enquiries via SID, removing the dependency on email (which is not easy to manage, maintain or report on) for student support.

The long-term goal of the system is to provide a central one-stop-shop where enquirers can log a question, issue or query on the system which then allocates it to the relevant department. This takes the onus off the student having to know which department or service to contact.

The system records and tracks all the enquiry correspondence between the allocated department / staff member and the enquirer, providing a full conversation history. The enquirer is given a unique reference number for their enquiry, enabling them to track their progress at any stage via the SID student portal.

 So – what’s new?

Case Management:  From last week the University’s Student Wellbeing, Learning and Welfare Services (SWLWS) department have been able to use the latest live component of  SID – namely Case Management.

The benefits include allowing the team to manage student casework much more effectively, providing integrated and efficient information sharing within and between teams and services.

The Case Management functionality gives SWLWS the opportunity to record confidential case notes in the SID system too. The component is strictly access-controlled so that only the SWLWS team can access the case.

The current SWLWS teams using the Case Management system are:

  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Inclusivity
  • Financial Support
  • Engagement and Transition
  • ResLife
  • Student Engagement
  • Learning Support

The intention, come the main registration activity later in September, is for the SWLWS department to be familiar with and efficient in utilising the Case Management functionality in SID to record all new student Case Notes. Existing cases for returning students will be migrated into the SID system on a continuing ad-hoc basis.

As a bonus, it will also mean moving on to paperless case recording.


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