All four faculty hubs now using SID for student enquiries

Back in March we told you how we’d started rolling out SID into the faculty student hubs and were half way through the project, having gone live in the Faculty of Health Sciences (FoHS) and the Faculty of Business, Law and Politics (FBLP) first. We’ve completed the work with Faculty of Science & Engineering (FoSE) and the Faculty of Arts, Cultures & Education (FACE), so we thought we’d update you on things.

Now, all current students can log onto SID and raise enquiries which will be directed to their faculty hub, from anywhere, at any time and can follow the progress and resolution online, or they can pop into their hub for an update.

We currently have around 85 faculty hubs staff using the system to deal with enquiries from our students. Enquiries can be raised at any hub – not just online – and will be logged against each student’s SID profile.

Typical enquiries over the last few weeks have included

  • Absence reporting
  • Assessment resubmissions
  • Mitigating circumstances
  • Coursework
  • Extension requests

For non-students, eg applicants or placement providers, who email in with a question, the system will harvest it and send it to the relevant team within the hub.

For each faculty, our team spent time with the hub staff during the first few days to help with any questions the team had, offer support and iron out any glitches. Sarah Londesborough, Faculty Business Manager (Interim) for FACE thanked the SID team for “their organised and professional approach to the roll out of SID within FACE and for their support over the last couple of days.” She commented “Dan, Colin and Beccie have spent time in the hub over the last day or two, training the team and working with us when queries or issues have arisen.  Feedback from the hub team has been really positive, and your communications and training have been really clear. “

Next stop for SID – a major upgrade to Version 8, so watch this space!


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