The Student Information System (SIS) Programme

In what is the biggest change to our IT systems for 30 years, this programme is overseeing the implementation of a new student information system which will update and transform our existing systems, technology and processes across the University. The new system will provide our students and staff with quick and easy access to the information they need. This significant investment will make sure we can provide a higher quality service, reduce technological risk and increase our adaptability.

It’s an ambitious and exciting change programme, planned until late 2018, which will ensure the University of Hull remains a great place to work and study.


Background: Why we’re modernising our processes

We need to ensure that the systems and processes we use on a daily basis to support and engage with our students and prospective students provide them with an excellent experience from start to finish. We’re committed to keeping up with technological advances and this new system will give students access to manage their own data, view their student record and access us in a variety of ways as we join up the systems that our staff use.

The SIS supports a wide range of business processes and critical operations across the University, from recruitment, application and enrolment to student status and progression, exams and assessments, grades, student support services, and graduation. It’s also key for course approvals and validation, course information and the on-line prospectus. The information it delivers can be critical to students, staff and our institutional performance.

Replacing the existing system (the AIS) with the new system which will provide us with a much improved and a more joined up way of working.


What are some of the benefits?

SIS saves time and effort for both staff and students.

Students can access it from any device in any location.

Our processes will be more streamlined and easier to understand

The applicant and student experience will be easier and more integrated

We get a greener way of working, with more on-line services and information, and fewer paper forms contributing to our global pledge to be a greener university

We’ve improved our response time when creating, changing and promoting new courses keeping the University competitive and up to date in the current market.

It’ll be easier for us to extract timely, relevant and accurate information to help us with planning and forecasting, and it will provide more efficient statutory reporting, record keeping and compliance management.


Want to find out more?

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